About me

My name is Hoang Tiên Thi Nguyen, and was born in Vietnam i 1956.
I came to Norway in 1990, and is educated teacher from Vietnam.

I began to paint the aquarell paintingmethod with Steinar Strøm as teacher or master. Continued the painting with aquarell and oil paint.

I have been through with the basic course of different techniques, and have a predilection for painting flowers and the human body from life.
Love is a basic element in human life. And often I paint my own feelings at the moment.
Who don't need love and care?
Flowers is a symbol for love too, I think.

I have my studio and address in Stathelle, Bamble in Telemark, - Norway.
My second hobby is working in our garden ; HoangTien's Garden

Hoang Tiên Thi Nguyen at home, Photo Helge Ottesen, Varden.
Photo: Helge Ottesen, Varden